Wednesday, May 18, 2011

(Graduate) Conference Report

As my last post mentioned, I presented a paper on Todd Robert Petersen’s Rift at a conference last Friday. The session went well. On the panel with me were two other graduate students. I spoke first, followed by interesting and thoughtful presentations on Jewish space and queer Utah. Our audience seemed fairly interested and receptive. (Far more interested, that is, than the audience at my last conference, much of which was made up of BYU students who were there for extra credit.) I wish I could say that their attentiveness was due to my awesome PowerPoint, but it was probably due more to the other panelists' obvious preparation.

During the Q&A, Mormon literature and scholarship came up a few times, although not as much as I would have liked. (We only had about 15 minutes to field questions.) After the session was over, I talked briefly with the “Queer Utah” presenter on some of the creative work being done by Mormon writers right now on Mormonism and homosexuality. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to offer a whole lot of insight since I haven’t looked too deeply into the emerging genre. I mostly pointed her in a few directions. If anything, our conversation reminded me that I need to take Jonathan Langford’s No Going Back off the shelf and read (and review) it. I guess I’ll do that as soon as the quarter is over.

So, the conference went well.

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  1. Jerry Argetsinger has been compiling a bibliography of Mormon literature that deals with homosexuality, and has done a couple of presentations about it at Sunstone. It sounds like that would be a place to point your queer Utah presenter. Have her contact me if she's not aware of this.