Friday, September 7, 2012

Nephi Anderson, Deseret Industries, and Making the Most Out of a Ten Dollar Bill

I bought this today for ten bucks at the Provo DI.

John St. John is my least favorite Nephi Anderson book, but I figured that owning a first edition of any Anderson book that isn't Added Upon would be pretty cool. (Heck, I'd be okay with owning a first edition of Added Upon too.)

The neat thing is that I got to use it as a visual aid as I spoke briefly about Anderson and my research to John Bennion's "Literature of the LDS" class at BYU today. About a week ago, I emailed Dr. Bennion to see if I could sit in on his class an observe how he teaches Mormon lit to Mormon students--and he graciously assented. It was an interesting contrast to my own experiences teaching Mormon lit at the University of Cincinnati. Someday, I'd like to have a chance to teach a class with students like Dr. Bennion's.

Tomorrow is my last day in the archives. I have a lot of copying still to do. I'm also going to pay a visit to a few significant Anderson sites around town.

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