Friday, November 23, 2012

Anti-Mormon Novels in the Internet Archive

Lately I've been reading The Viper on the Hearth, Terryl L. Givens' fascinating study of nineteenth-century anti-Mormon fiction. I thought it might be helpful to come up with a list of the digitized anti-Mormon novels  available on the Internet Archive, a good go-to place for nineteenth-century Mormonalia.

Here are the books I found:  

Belisle, Orvilla S.
---. In the Grip of the Mormons (ca. 1919) [This seems to be a reprint of The Prophets]

Bell, Alfreda Eva.

Benoit, Pierre.
---. Salt Lake; A Novel (1922) [Translation from French]

Clark, Charles Heber.

Curwood, James Oliver.

Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan.
---. A Study in Scarlet (1887)

Gash, Abram Dale

Gilchrist, Rosetta Luce.

Grey, Zane.

Hannett, Arthur Thomas.

Henry, Alfred H.

Hudson, Mary W.
---. Esther the Gentile (1888)

Kerr, Alvah Milton.

Mitchell, Langdon Elwyn.

Paddock, Mrs. A. G. (Cornelia).

Richards, Robert

Riddle, A. G.

Spencer, Mrs. George E.

Stevenson, Robert Louis.
---. The Dynamiter  (1925)

Switzer, Jeanie Bartlett.

Walsh, Marie A. (“Sandette”)

Wilson, Harry Leon.

NOTE: Absent from this list are the many anti-Mormon poems, memoirs, and histories written in the nineteenth century and early twentieth. Also absent are anti-Mormon novels not digitized on the Internet Archive.


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    That Stevenson novel sounds awesome. I'm also interested in the California Crusoe. . . .

  2. California Crusoe interested me as well. Apparently Crusoe novels were the rage in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. They are their own subgenre in Utopian fiction.