Monday, November 12, 2012

Orson F. Whitney and "the True History and Character of My People"

I came across this today:

"However, it is now my purpose to print; and though I may not hope to win for my verse favor and recognition, such as are accorded to and merited by productions of poetic genius, it may be these humble songs will help dispel the dense cloud of prejudice and misapprehension handing like a pall over the true history and character of my people, and show that the author of these lines, if he cannot create poetry, can at least admire it, and linger if not follow in the footsteps of those whose divine mission is to make the world more lovely and more lovable by producing it. That the name 'Mormon' is not necessarily a synonym for coarseness and carnality, need not be told to those cognizant of the truth" (iii-iv).

--Orson F. Whitney, Preface to The Poetical Writings of Orson F. Whitney (1889)



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    A bold statement of humility. And, from him, I rather believe it.